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30 Day Trial Studentship

Welcome to Riverview Martial Arts! We’re excited for you to begin your 30 day trial for $99 — student uniform included!

With a focus on physical health, mental clarity and spirit strengthening, Riverview students progress through a curriculum that blends classic hard and soft martial art techniques. Universal Movement presents a total package, teaching tools for lifelong health and success. Taught by caring educators, each class is built on mutual respect and kindness. Students progress through a time-tested curriculum of realistic goals for personal achievement.

Student testimonials

Marc Hagan

Since I started training, about a year and a half ago, I’ve lost 75 pounds. Riverview provides me with the opportunity for a longer life and togetherness for my family.

Marc Hagan Yellow Belt

Jackson Castagna

I owe Riverview and all it’s instructors for turning me into a person who will leave it’s embrace with the intent to pay its favor forward, and change the world as it has changed me. 

Jackson Castagna Shodan (student from age 9-19)

Parents of Jack B.

Jack continues to enjoy his karate, we feel blessed to have Riverview in our lives!

Parents of Jack B.Yellow Belt (age 10)

Kids at Riverview practice a martial arts blend of karate and kung fu

Kids Martial Arts

Our Universal Movement martial art program for kids promotes physical fitness, focus, kindness towards others, and opportunities for creative expression to support positive character development young in life.

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Teen martial artists bond through group movement and leadership

Teen Martial Arts

Our Universal Movement martial art program for teens offers physical skills taught in a nurturing class setting where respect, kindness and acceptance merge into a supportive peer culture.

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Adult martial arts drilling traditional karate blocking in the Topsham dojo

Adult Martial Arts

Students progress through a curriculum that blends hard and soft techniques to promote holistic health, self-defense, mental clarity and connection to nature & self.

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