2019 Summer Camps Flyer

Come spend your Summer learning, exploring and growing at Riverview!

Since 1991, Riverview has helped parents just like you provide their children Summers filled with learning, nature, friends and creative freedom.

Whether you join us for 1 week or all 10, camp offers swimming, hiking, martial arts, outdoor play, education, arts & crafts, and lots of adventure! Each day brings a dynamic blend of activity, life-skills education, leadership training, reading and relaxation/reflection time at a pace where campers make new friends, enjoy their summer and work cooperatively together.

Summer Camp Topsham: Join us for our 28th year of summer exploration “based” from our 164 acre campus, including 3.4 miles of hiking trails, 3 campsites, open fields and an abundance of diverse ecosystems!

Summer Camp Sopo:  Enjoy our Southern Maine “home base”, a custom built family martial arts facility in the heart of South Portland. With the convenience of easy drop off and pickup right next to the Casco-Bay Bridge, our 5,000 sq/ft air conditioned camp hub is centrally located to explore many of Southern Maine’s natural treasures.

Summer is made for Kids, Camp and Fun! Daily activities include:

Summer Martial Arts Training

Special “Camp Only” Daily Offerings

The unique nucleus to Riverview Summer Camps has always been the lessons learned through our Martial Arts heritage.  Each day campers will enjoy martial art based classes, healthy workouts or character development that is only offered to Summer Camp participants.  This allows for topics that can be enjoyed equally by first time campers as well as RMA veteran students.   All Martial Arts offerings are designed to be engaging and enjoyable for new campers, no prior experience is needed.

Adventure Field Trips

Adventure bound 2-3 times per week*

Load up the vans, ‘cuz kids like to break loose of the school year shackles!!  Each week campers will get out in our local community and enjoy abundant sunshine, plentiful nature, curious adventures, exciting challenges and memories that will outline the stories about the summer camp their parents let them attend.   Maine has so much to offer us, our only dilemma is how to cram as much as we can into each week.  Beaches, hiking, swimming, outdoor adventure, animals and fun educational opportunities are some of the many staples that fill our weekly adventure rosters.  *weather dependent

Leadership and Life Skills

Weekly leadership and life skills offereings

Camp at Riverview becomes a great opportunity to fill a camper’s days with activities for developing valuable skills which transfer to not only short term goal achievement, but more lasting life long skill ownership.  Lessons framed by internationally acclaimed Kids Love Life Skills, will be interwoven in active games, role modeling and educational activities supporting the skill-building of Focus, Teamwork, Control, Balance, Memory, Discipline, Fitness, Manners, Respect, Confidence and Leadership.

Friends and Fun

Camp is all about relaxed fun and great friends

Without a doubt there is nothing taken more seriously at Riverview Summer Camp than how to have fun……well, unless its how to have fun with friends!!!  Camp is our excuse to create programming that has no other agenda, its just about fun, and fun with friends.  Upon arrival each Monday morning campers gather to review camp rules.  #1 is have fun.  Most of the other 8 rules refer back to #1 as their underpinning.  A little over the top?  Nope!  Reasoning?  Refer to #1!!

Educational Summer Learning

10 weeks off of school, don’t worry we keep their learning active

We have this unique position as summer time educators to be able to spend longs chunks of time, visiting local & offsite locations frequently, with kids who are so very curious and thirst for applicable knowledge from the world they inhabit.  This allows us the privilege to deliver amazing opportunities in experiential learning covering a wide scope of camper-centric topics.  The result is a summer of learning that colors blank parts of their life canvases.

Arts and Crafts

Creative energy flows as we embrace our summer projects

When campers harness their energy, it’s amazing the artistic detail, life-like realism and craftsmanship they bring to creating a product that they beam with proud ownership about!  Each week campers embark on projects that have ties to the camp week’s theme.  The happy, relaxed and creative craft work is often done side by side with friends and is a great outlet to talk about the project or hum along to their favorite music.  Many days we find this time to be a welcome recharging point during a fun day of more demanding physical or outdoor activities.


Mix and match your best summer ever!


Weekly Core activities include:

  • Cultural Arts & Crafts
  • Martial arts
  • Nature hikes
  • Swimming
  • Environmental studies
  • Teamwork activities
  • Weekly field trips
  • Independent reading/writing/drawing


Payment plans available:  those who register in Oct ’18- April ’19

$250  (includes Camp T-shirt)
$225  for current RMA Martial Art and After-school students (includes camp T-shirt)
$225  for siblings of ALL campers
See Camp Flyer

Arrivals & Departures

In Topsham, arrivals and departures take place at the Riverview Campus at 610 Augusta Road. In South Portland, arrivals and departures take place in the Riverview Lobby at 682 Broadway. Riverview staff are on hand at both locations to assure the safety of your child and assist with any questions you may have.

Camp Hours: 9:00am–4:30am daily
Extended Dropoff/Pickup: 8:00am–9:00am daily & 4-30-5:30 daily


Email: RMAtopsham@riverviewmartialarts.org
Phone: (207) 729-7399

Email: RMAsopo@riverviewmartialarts.org
Phone: (207) 799-1814

A Sample Day of Camp (weekly schedules vary)

8:00–9:00 Morning drop-off, quiet games & activities
9:00–9:15 Circle up & daily orientation
9:15–9:45 “Sizzle” time
9:45–10:00 Morning snack
10:00–11:00 Martial arts class
11:00–12:00 Nature exploration
12:00–12:30 Lunch
12:30–1:00 Quiet time, reading, or individual activity
1:00–2:30 Afternoon block #1: (example, swimming)
2:30–2:45 Afternoon snack
2:45–4:30 Afternoon block #2: (example, craft time)
4:20–4:30 End of day closing circle
4:30–5:30 Parent pack up, quiet activities or movie

Gear List

Please pack your child with the following gear, and refrain from bringing games, electronics, phones, or other valuable items. To ensure that all campers return home with their belongings, we ask that clothing and gear be clearly labeled. Thank you!

  • Extra: socks, T-shirt, sneakers, long sleeve shirt, pants
  • Warm layer
  • Rain gear
  • Hat for sun
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • 1-2 Plastic trash bags (to carry wet clothing)
  • Snack
  • Lunch